Our future

2017-18 is the final year of the InternetNZ organisational structure that was. As a result of the changes we have made through our organisational review process, we are looking forward with a new structure and way of working.

Our immediate plans for the next year are summarised in our Plan for 2018-19, which is available on our website. In 2018-19 we will be reviewing our strategy and confirming our longer-term direction.

2018 is different

This is a big year for the organisation, being the first year where the old InternetNZ and NZRS are merging together. Drawing on the strengths of both NZRS and InternetNZ, we are working to build a new organisation that can serve the local Internet community reliably and effectively. In this year, we are managing competing demands that haven’t faced the group before:

maintenance of critical business-as-usual activity

completing the merger and developing our new operating model, our team and our culture

reassigning some functions from Domain Name Commission Ltd to InternetNZ

a review of the group’s strategy.

We anticipate there will be adjustments to this plan in the course of the year, as the new insights and collaborations arising from the merger are applied to our work. We will be aiming to do a
six-month review and adjustment leading up to 1 October 2018 to incorporate new insights and priorities. The year ahead will see ongoing change. We are excited to be working on this, and in working with our key stakeholders to build an organisation that can serve New Zealanders well.

Here’s to a successful 2018!

Jordan Carter Chief Executive

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Building the capability of the new InternetNZ

Realising the potential of our new structure

The Plan for 2018/19 includes a separate section, as a major component of our deliverables for this financial year, to continue to build the new InternetNZ following the organisational review process of 2017.

We are guided in implementation by the following goals:

End of phase 1

At the end of phase 1 (April) - We have discussed and designed a large part of our new organisation together; have a single shared identity and have laid the foundations for the rest of this process.

End of phase 2

At the end of phase 2 (July) - We will have a fully functioning team capable of fully delivering to our current strategy, with role clarity for everyone. We will have started defining what we could be in the future.

End of phase 3

At the end of phase 3 (December) - We will be clear about why we exist as an organisation, and as well as our members, audiences and stakeholders we’ll have clarity about how all of our work is connected with that purpose.

End of phase 4

At the end of phase 4 (2019) - We will have successfully built the new InternetNZ. We will be trying new ideas and constantly refining and improving, armed by the clarity of our new strategy.

Our new structure will unlock more of our potential as an organisation.

Following highlights our plans in each area of our work

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2018/19 activity plan

You can read in more detail about our plan for the upcoming year here.